About Me

I am Rachel Harbison from Cullman, Alabama. I have my Master’s and EdS in Early Childhood Education which I obtained from Auburn University and the University of Alabama in Birmingham. I have also been National Board Certified since 2003. I’ve been teaching primary grades since 1985 in Alabama and Georgia.

I am married with three grown children and embarking on the wonderful adventure of being a grandmother! I love the outdoors, nature, hiking, traveling, and teaching!

Knowing the time constraints of teachers, I created the Word Queen because it sparks their enthusiasm for learning quickly and deeply! Our curriculum is becoming ever more rigorous and challenging for the kids but it is also challenging for us as teachers to teach all that is required! According to Developmentally Appropriate Practice, the Word Queen engages the children holistically through real life interactions creating an enthusiasm and eagerness to learn! I have heard other teachers say, “The kids are so excited, they don’t even realize they are learning!”