Summary of Story Presentations

  • Week 1 - Foundational
    Story: Word Queen: The Beginning
    Support Activities: Treasure Hunt, Secret Word Lists
  • Week 2 - Digraphs
    Story: Alphabet Soup
    Focus: th, sh, ch, wh, ph, gh
    Support Activities: Word Queen Drops a secret package in the classroom, Kids add digraphs to the Alphabet Train
  • Week 3 - Qu
    Story: Game Day at the Playground
    Focus: qu
    Support Activities: Word Queen put a U beside the Q on that Alphabet train, Kids pair up and role play q and u
  • Week 4 - Combination of phonetics
    Story - Who Missed Manners Class?
    Focus: ow, ou, oo, ew, ue, ui
    Support Activities: Word Queen sends and invitation to a party for the kids and alphabet, Have a New Blue Suit Party
  • Week 5 - Silent E
    Story: Sneaky Scary Stranger
    Focus: silent e
    Support Activities: Wormygerm (silent e) appears at the end of nonsense words, kids get a pipe cleaner to transform into silent e
  • Week 6 - EY, IE, Y at the end of words
    Story: The Laughing Place
    Focus: ey, ie, y
    Support Activities: Tell stories and other folk and/or tall tales; Play story-telling game, Word Queen brings a treat but "You can't read it, so you c can't eat it"! she says
  • Week 7 - Double Letters and soft sound for C and G
    Story: The Twin Machine
    Focus: mm, ss, tt, etc. + ce, ci, cy, dge, ge, gi, gy
    Support Activities: Children role play being identical and graternal twins, Make easy homemade ice cream in a zip-loc bag and have an ice cream party
  • Week 8 - Silent Letters
    Story: The Spelling Bee
    Focus: kn, ld, wr (can also include: gn, mb, st)
    Support Activities: Having a Spelling Bee, Children play the game and pretend to be statues while listening to music
  • Week 9 - AL, AU, AW, WA
    Story: Three Silly Coats Fluff
    Focus: al, au, aw, wa
    Support Activities: Kids Color / Cut / Glue a pet of their choice, Kids have a pet show using bathtub toys (or the pet provided in the book)
  • Week 10 - R Controlled Vowels
    Story: The R Family
    Focus: ar, er, ir, or, ur
    Support Activities: Explore baby animals/noticing differences / similarities with parents, Walk around an envelope and wait for it to JUMP!
  • Week 11 - Long A and I
    Story: The Word Smasher 3000
    Focus: ay, eigh, ey, igh, y, etc.
    Support Activities: Children have a hat making contest with decorations and words, Marshmallows are launched at the hats to try to destroy the words
  • Week 12 - Adjacent Vowels (coming soon)
    Story: The Picnic
    Focus: ai, ea, ee, oa, ou, etc.
    Support Activities: Kids begin a project gluing a vowel between two consonants, Word Queen enters the classroom and glues the vowels together
  • Week 13 - Diphthongs
    Story: Ahoy Maties!
    Focus: oy, oi
    Support Activities: Dress up as pirates, Word Queen leaves a treat so "You can't read it, so you can't eat it," she says