Assessing Objectives

The Word Queen protocol is such a hands-on, minds-on program that the teacher will observe firsthand the progress being made every day in small and whole group settings.

The benchmarks, which incorporate the ability to recognize the “Tricks” (irregular spellings) and apply them authentically in small and whole group settings, will be observed in independent writing/reading activities and are assessed through teacher observation. Keep in mind that if you are beginning this program in kindergarten, these skills may not be mastered by some children. The true value is INTRODUCING these Tricks so that the kindergartner becomes familiar with them, thus having a real head start when entering first grade. Remember, a child must see a word at least 50 times before it becomes automatic. The same should ring true for the Tricks! The more a child is exposed to a concept, the more internalized it becomes.

The child will demonstrate an ability to decode words with irregular spellings and write words phonetically while utilizing the “Tricky” spelling rules. This authentic practice ensures that each skill is mastered.

A sight word test should be given each Friday using the Secret Word Lists which were found in the Treasure Chest. Go here for download. Upon mastery, each child will receive a Crown each week (bulletin board border wrapped around the head and stapled – quick and easy). Yourstudents can also participate in a 'Crown making project' as part your ongoing classroom art work initiatives!