Hello Fellow Teachers!

I am just like you! You want your kids to be the best! You want to ensure their success in the next grade! You want to take them as far as they can go! The Word Queen program can get your kids (including kindergarten) reading successfully!

I have implemented the Word Queen as a supplement to our adopted reading series in my classrooms for the last eighteen years and it has truly been the catalyst for STRONG READERS in kindergarten! (Go here to witness kindergartners reading)

This adaptable, teacher directed program can get your students remarkably interested and magnetically involved in reading as early as the beginning of kindergarten. The Word Queen gives kids a TRUE PURPOSE FOR LEARNING TO READ through real life experiential involvement. Learning with a purpose is an essential component for SUCCESS and CONTENT RETENTION. Their fundamental ability to read increases almost exponentially ... right before your eyes. It is truly a transformational learning experience for your students.

The Word Queen program is simple. It includes a systematic series of stories that explains why some letter arrangements in certain words make sounds that are confusingly and strangely different than the twenty-six original letter sounds that we typically teach in kindergarten.

They include:

  • consonant digraphs – ch, sh, th, wh, etc.
  • silent e
  • vowel digraphs / adjacent vowels - ea, oa, ai, etc.
  • diphthongs - ow, ou, oi, oy
  • r controlled vowels - ar, or, er, ir, ur
  • and more ...

Word Queen stories invoke the children to remember the new sounds that are made by these wacky spellings.

You begin the journey by finding the Treasure Chest (located in BOOK ONE) then telling your class a story (WQ: the Beginning):

“Long ago, right here in your town, there was a Word Queen who wanted to be the only one in the kingdom to know how to read so she put Tricks in words so that no one else would be able to.”

My experience has been that after hearing the initial (and subsequent) stories, your students’ learning threshold can be dramatically elevated because of their interest, excitement, and desire to be involved in “not falling for the Tricks.”

There are supplemental materials that you will want to utilize from Book One and subsequent books (Secret Notebook Pages and Secret Word Lists). The following books will take you through three Word Queen Tricks per book. Go here to see the Tricks you will cover.

Together, you'll find the components in this comprehensive package extremely helpful in accelerating, refining, and maximizing your students’ ability and desire to learn and read.I firmly believe that the kindergarten foundational period is THE most important period of a child’s academic life. Success in the foundational period is a crucial indicator for success and confidence thereafter. When children experience robust learning at the foundational level, it establishes a firm, solid footing that will support them throughout their school career. THEY CAN BECOME ACHIEVERS IN SPITE OF ADVERSITY!

Happy Teaching; and Much Success!
Rachel Harbison
Kindergarten teacher
Cullman, AL