What is the Word Queen Program?

BOOK ONE introduces the Word Queen. BOOK ONE has everything you need to orchestrate a situation in your classroom where you discover a treasure map. You follow the treasure map and find a treasure! Inside among jewels and riches you discover the most valuable treasure in the world! WORDS! The Words on the Secret Word Lists provide you with a systematic list taken from the Dolch Sight Words combined with Fry’s Most Common Words that your kids can learn each week (10-12 words per week).

Afterwards, the children begin receiving notes from the Word Queen (provided in the subsequent books) trying to get them NOT to learn her Tricks! Each note introduces a new Trick and is accompanied by a story and different activities which instill the Trick in the child’s memory! Developmentally Appropriate Practices mandate that children be approached with instruction that reflects their developmental level. The Word Queen is fun, hands-on, extremely interactive, and engages the children on their level.

The following books include three Tricks per book and provide you with lessons to teach each Trick. Each lesson includes:

  • Teacher's Guide
  • Note to the class from Word Queen.
  • Word Queen story that tells how the Trick came about
  • Song that goes along with the trick
  • Activities including: Color / Cut / Glue, Kinesthetic, and Pencil / Paper

The Word Queen and her antics are the catalysts which increase a child’s fervor for learning. The children’s zeal to “defeat” the Word Queen is so enhanced that their eagerness to learn to read grows at every successful benchmark. Introducing the Word Queen program in kindergarten initiates a snowball effect at the outset that never diminishes throughout the year and can extend into first and second grades and beyond.

After the Word Queen is introduced in kindergarten, she can follow the children throughout the first and second grades (if a teacher so chooses) establishing connections to all subject areas and creating a basis for the essential groundwork the teacher is trying to establish.