Flexible Classroom Activities

Within the Word Queen protocol there is ample room for teacher improvisation and flexible adaptation of the materials to each unique classroom along with a number of time proven, spatial anchoring ACTIVITIES for the students. Many of these are found in Downloads.

a. writing words that exhibit the Trick they learned on poster paper displayed in the classroom,

b. kinesthetic activity about the irregular spelling that was learned that week (included with lesson),

c. writing words with that irregular spelling in their Secret Notebook Pages (included in Book One),

d. color/cut/glue activities (included with lesson),

e. role-playing activities (included with lesson),

f. Sight Word Songs (on website) along with songs that go along with the “Trick,” (included with lesson),

g. establishing an anchor chart which displays the “Trick,” (notecards displayed on pocket chart easily made by teacher).

Note: these “well planned” activities will eventually take on the culture of the class and personify the uniqueness of each individual classroom and the activities that are going on at each individual school.